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DIY Roof Repair Within Budget

Desc: Installing new roofs is a costly affair, so home owners must try to maintain their roof properly to avoid incurring such a heavy expenditure. Roof repairs that aren’t complicated can be done DIY, but for more complex repairs, one must seek London Handyman services. You would need to spend less money for maintenance of a home, if you are able to keep your roof in good condition. DIY roof repair is not rocket science, but you should be well acquainted with basic tips and tricks of the same.

Sometimes, when homeowners call professionals to inspect their roofs, they try to present problems where they don’t even exist. To avoid paying for unnecessary work, you can do a few roof repairs DIY. But make sure that there is somebody at home, when you accomplish roof repair tasks. Do not try to get on to you roof in rainy season, as you may slip and break your back. Here are some of the roof repairing tips that you can carry on your own, but you must be equipped with the right tools.

Replace a damaged roof tile

In order to replace a damaged roof tile, you will be needing hand brush, pliers, and replacement tile. Climb onto your roof very carefully. Try to raise the row of tiles above the one that is to be replaced. Snip the ties of the tile, as it would be wired to the batten beneath. Remove the damaged tile from the interlocking grooves and insert the new tile. Do it very carefully and check twice whether it is firmly locked in.

Repairing roof leaks

It is a very tricky task to locate or isolate the leaking area in a roof. Usually leaks can enter the roof in one area but are found in the room completely elsewhere from the leak itself. You will be needing a shovel to remove shingles and solder and a soldering gun and flux for roof coating. Other than this you may need some roofing nails and asphalt sealer.

Cleaning moss from roof shingles

Moss and mold can grow on or in between your shingles, so you must do a continuous inspection of your roof to notice it as early as possible. Power washing mold is a futile effort as it may remove the protective top layer from your shingles. This will make you roof ineffective in the scorching heat of the sun. You must use a roof moss remover solution to remove the moss and mold.

Roofing requires proper care in order to last. It requires maintenance, irrespective of how strong and durable it is. Maintaining a healthy roof is not less than maintaining a healthy home.


About the Author: The author has been in the home improvement industry for a while. Now, runs an independent handyman services in London. He has earned a recognition as a handyman in London.

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